Monday, June 11, 2018

Summit gives Trump the chance to seek the return of Navy Ship USS Pueblo that North Koreans have been holding for 50 YEARS

President Donald Trump is being urged to press Kim Jong-un to make a goodwill gesture and return the USS Pueblo, a U.S. Navy ship seized and captured by North Korea 50 years ago and used as a propaganda instrument.

The North Korean Navy seized the Pueblo in 1968, after firing at the vessel while it was mapping the North Korean coast from international waters 16 miles offshore, according to the military.

It fired on the vessel, injuring 10 crew members and killing one U.S. sailor. North Korea held 82 surviving sailors prisoner for 11 months under harsh conditions that included beatings and interrogations.

North Korea has held onto the vessel, a former World War II supply ship converted for signals intelligence spying, as a form of trophy, turning it into a museum in Pyongyang.

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