Thursday, June 14, 2018

DOJ Releases IG Report On Clinton Email Probe: Faults Comey, Notes FBI Agent "Hostility" Against Trump

After various leaks, first to Bloomberg then to Fox News and other outlets, finally the DOJ released to the public the Inspector General report of the Clinton email probe, which while hammering James Comey for being "insubordinate" and showing poor judgment during the 2016 election, it found no evidence to show his key decisions in the Clinton email investigation were improperly influenced by political bias; paradoxically, the same report also raised swirling questions about the role of FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, whose texts with FBI lawyer Lisa Page the IG found suggested he "might be willing" to take official action to impact Trump's electoral prospects, or as one might put it, "clear bias" against Trump.

And while the IG does not fault the FBI for not charging Clinton, it did find that, not surprisingly, Comey used personal email for official business

The report also found that five FBI officials expressed hostility toward Donald Trump before his election and says in report to Congress that their actions have been referred to bureau for possible disciplinary action.

OIG Report by Zerohedge on Scribd

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