Tuesday, February 21, 2017

VAULT 7 | We take a look and it's scary as hell

The world as we know it is about to change. Within our society there is a shadow government. A government that has accumulated great wealth and power. A government that is so woven into the fabric or our reality we can only see what they want us to see. This is a government that has manipulated and blackmailed people and Countries for decades. This government controls the media, the banks, the army, the intelligent services, and most of the internet. They control narratives and agendas. They start wars then set up charities and foundations to help the victims. These charitable foundations are just fronts to provide a platform and face for their hidden agenda. This isn't simply just a plan to see who can accumulate the most wealth. This is a war. A silent war that has been unfolding right in front of our eyes. A war against us the masses and the prize is to become leaders of the new world.

The file the elite want to stop us from seeing , or believing it's contents, is from Vault 7.
Vault 7 is on the 7th floor of the State Department previously ran by Hillary Clinton and her staff.

From what I have pieced together from the research I have done I believe it's a file that will expose the CIA, 100s of public figures including Hillary Clinton, and many of it's secrets. It can only be this. Why all the sudden flurry of activity based around news and leaked documents. The link with vault7 and the DNC and pizzagate. Its all linked.

There is something big in the shadows they don't want us to see. It's big and scary and its probably going to fuck us up. It could be anything from spying on countries and manipulating elections to the war on terror, ISIS and the destabilization of the middle east or the banking crisis being created by Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. Maybe even 9/11 if it was planned.


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