Friday, February 12, 2016

IRA commander at time of Shankill bombing was informer

The IRA commander who planned the Shankill bombing was a police informant who had told his handlers of the plan to blow-up Frizzell's fish shop in 1993, the Irish News can reveal.

Classified documents stolen during the break-in at Castlereagh, and seen by the Irish News, show the IRA's Ardoyne leader at the time of the Shankill bomb was working as an informant.

The former 'blanketman', now aged in his late 50s, was known as 'agent AA' and calls made to his special branch handlers are logged throughout the documents stolen by the IRA during the raid at Special Branch offices almost 15-years ago.

The files stolen during a robbery on St Patrick's Day 2001 were heavily encrypted and had to be deciphered by the IRA who used a handful of trusted members to decode the information.

The IRA 'commander' in Ardoyne was known to police intelligence as 'agent AA'. He is pictured here in a balaclava in a propaganda video in the late 1980s...

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