Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It is this narrative that is the subject of Incontrovertible, a powerful new documentary by U.K. filmmaker Tony Rooke. Insightful, compelling, and comprehensive, Incontrovertible delivers sobering messages that will stir the soul, enrage the conscience, and kindle a fervent resolve to speak truth to power.

Utilizing an army of facts unearthed by David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Graeme MacQueen, and other 9/11 Truth pioneers, Incontrovertible wages war against the tyranny of the 9/11 miracles. And through Rooke's own unique convention of superimposing evidence onto computer screens in various solitary locations, it mocks mainstream censorship that seeks to silence all debate and promote a tacit understanding that any divergence from the official narrative is treasonous and unwelcome in the public arena.

While Incontrovertible bills itself mostly as an appeal to police and firefighters to muster the courage to "call out" the ongoing fraud of 9/11, this important film is a must-see for anyone who strives to live in a reality-based world.

Masterfully edited, Incontrovertible begins its two-hour journey by walking us through one of the many 9/11 miracles: the miracle of the most important building never heard of — World Trade Center Building 7.

This 576-foot steel-framed high-rise housed, among other tenants, the U.S. Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Consisting of 47 football-field-sized floors of structural steel and concrete, each supported by 80 columns, WTC 7 was not hit by a plane. But on September 11th, it fell suddenly and symmetrically through itself into a smoldering mass of melted steel and pulverized rubble in less than seven seconds. The official explanation: random office fires on the 12th floor.


  1. Don't pay any attention to the controlled opposition, unless you enjoy being entertained by make believe story telling...

    If you are worthy and willing to know the truth read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? by Dr. Judy Wood as I have over five years ago.

    New documentary series featuring whistleblower Dr. Judy Wood, showing irrefutable and remarkably simple evidence of weaponized free-energy technology on 9/11. The book:

  2. @Emmanuel Goldstein Tony Rooke - controlled opposition?!
    You are either delusional or disinfo.