Thursday, May 31, 2018

The TSA Keeps A Secret Watchlist Of Those Who Resist

The TSA has long since gone rogue against American citizens, but no-fly lists were apparently not enough. The secret list of anyone who resists or smart-mouths them is nothing short of a police-state in action. ⁃ TN Editor

“I need a witness!” exclaimed the security screener at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Because I had forgotten to remove my belt before going through a scanner, he explained, I must undergo an “enhanced patdown.” I told him that if he jammed his hand into my groin, I’d file a formal complaint. So he summoned his supervisor to keep an eye on the proceedings.

I thought of this exchange last week when the New York Times revealed that the Transportation Security Administration has created a secret watchlist for troublesome passengers. The TSA justified the list by saying that its screeners were assaulted 34 times last year, but did not release any details about the alleged assaults.

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