Friday, February 23, 2018

FBI’s Employee-Only Magazine – “The Investigator” – J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Issue

Started in 1932, The Investigator was the FBI’s employee newsletter, then magazine, circulated only within the Bureau. Issues are almost impossible to obtain, and even information about it is scant. I haven’t seen indications of whether or not it’s still being published, but I have found a reference to issues as late as 1992. For a periodical that was published monthly for at least 60 years, that went out to thousands and thousands of employees at a high-profile government agency, this invisibility is pretty astounding.

I’ve gotten hold of some issues, and I’ll be scanning them as 300 dpi TIFFs, then making them into PDFs. I’m starting with the June 1972 issue, which might be the most significant one. After 50 years ruling the Bureau, J. Edgar Hoover died in May 1972. This is the memorial issue, and it’s as hagiographic as you can imagine.

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