Friday, November 3, 2017

Secret C.I.A. Documents May Shed New Light on J.F.K. Killing

The federal government on Friday released more than 600 additional secret documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy after national security agencies moved to finally open up their remaining files on one of the most dramatic and debated events in modern American history.

The vast bulk of the 676 documents made public on Friday came from the C.I.A. and had never been released before. While it was a smaller release than those that were put out last week, a far greater proportion of the documents were being put into the public arena for the first time. Of the 2,891 documents released last week, only 53 had never been disclosed by the archives; the rest had been made public with redactions that were now removed.

Archives officials anticipate several more batches being released in the next few weeks. Ultimately, Mr. Trump has said that all of the remaining papers should be made public by April 26 with only names and addresses of people still alive redacted.

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