Thursday, May 11, 2017

Police given access to DHS's massive biometric database

According to an article in Texas Public Radio, law enforcement will now have access to DHS's massive biometric database.

"Texas law enforcement are now getting a big assist from the federal government. Texas is the first and only state to get access to a massive Department of Homeland Security biometric database..."

Letting police have access to everyone's biomterics is asinine and the potential for abuse is astronomical.

Just imagine what will happen, when a politician wants police to give them information about a political opponent. Just imagine what will happen, when a cop wants to get information about a pretty woman or handsome man? Just imagine what will happen when police want information on activists. Just imagine the type of information that police can gather from Real-ID licenses and passports.

This has all the earmarks of a police state.

DHS's massive national biometric database

DHS's massive database is called the 'Automated Biometric Identification System' (IDENT).

"IDENT has evolved over the years into the central DHS -wide system for the storage and
processing of biometric data. IDENT stores and processes biometric data—digital fingerprints, photographs, iris scans, and facial images—and links biometrics with biographic information to establish and verify identities. IDENT serves as a biographic and biometric repository for the Department."
(Click here to see a revealing IDENT PowerPoint slide show.)

DHS Secretary Patrick Nemeth, admits that they're spying on millions of people, "we have a database of 212 million people."

Think about what's happening, it's no longer a 'conspiracy theory' that DHS is running our police departments.

Who do you think supplies cops with Stingrays, license plate readers, assault weapons, MRAP's etc.?

It's DHS,

Since 9/11, DHS has been slowly creating a national spying civilian police force and for all intents and purposes, they've succeeded.

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