Monday, May 15, 2017

Despite three separate instructions not to, the CIA still destroyed Iran-Contra evidence

A decade after Congresswoman Abzug had struggled with CIA Director George Bush over the destruction of evidence of CIA wrongdoing, the Agency’s Office of the Inspector General ignored the moratorium on destruction of relevant materials and destroyed several memos from the Iran-Contra investigation. When this was raised with the Agency’s Acting Director, it was played off as no big deal and the employees were praised for responding “remarkably well” to the investigation.

Two years later, the chief Iran-Contra investigator complained to then-President George Bush that secrecy effectively made high officials immune to prosecution.

When the Independent Counsel began its investigation into the Iran-Contra affair and CIA’s involvement, the Agency’s employees were ordered to cooperate by CIA’s Executive Director, James H. Taylor. As part of this, the Agency’s Inspector General’s Conference Room was converted into the Task Force center for the Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) investigation and personnel were assigned to assist the OIC.

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