Monday, March 27, 2017

Is Trump Really at War with the CIA? The Jury Is Still Out

The president's upcoming decision on thousands of still-secret JFK records will be revealing.

From the fever swamp of Alex Jones' InfoWars, Jerome Corsi reports that "JFK researchers" are saying President Donald Trump is at risk for assassination because of his differences with the Central Intelligence Agency.

I have been a JFK researcher for 35 years. Corsi has distorted what most of us think to serve a fear-mongering political agenda. "JFK researchers: Trump at risk for assassination" is a lousy piece of journalism, less a story than a conspiratorial meme. But it does reveal an important untold story about Trump and the CIA.

As Corsi reports, the president faces a big JFK decision later this year.

Origins of the Story

At a Sunshine Week conference on JFK assassination records, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on March 16, attorney Larry Schnapf made a hard-to-refute point: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is still a crucial story in American political life.

The Invisible Government, a bestseller about the CIA written while JFK was still alive and published after his death, was an early statement of the "deep state" concept, now debated by pundits from Remnick to Greenwald to Gingrich. Trump used a bogus JFK theory to defeat rival Ted Cruz. We flock to movies about Jackie Kennedy and LBJ. And across the political spectrum, people worry about the unchecked secret powers of the CIA.

The contemporary relevance of the JFK story is unmistakable.

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