Wednesday, October 5, 2016

NSA Theft Suspect Worked For Contractor That Sells the Government Tech for Spotting Rogue Employees

Booz Allen Hamilton, the defense contracting giant whose employee was charged Wednesday in connection with the theft of hacking codes used by the National Security Agency, provides a fairly ironic service to the government: spotting rogue employees.

The highly secretive contractor in 2014 launched a special service called Insider4Sight designed to help the government spot “insider threats,” such as employees who steal confidential documents. “Insider4Sight behavior-based assessment tools are applied against expected role models to detect rogue insiders before significant damage occurs,” a company brochure boasts.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s marketing asks: “How do we detect insider threats before rogue employees can do significant damage?”

Booz Allen Hamilton employee Harold Martin III, a contractor for the NSA, was charged today with illegally copying and taking home highly confidential code used for infiltrating the computers of foreign governments.

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