Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hackers can spy on what you say by hacking Sony made Android TVs

Android smart TVs can be hacked to spy on your conversation

The smart TV’s are the latest ‘in’ thing and hugely popular. So much so that big players like Sony, Samsung, LG are lining up new smart TVs to woo buyers. But there is a certain security risk attached with Smart TV’s as with all the Internet of Things devices.

We had already reported how the Samsung Smart TV’s may be spying on you. Samsung had at that time agreed that its smart TV’s could indeed listen to your conversation and at one point had urged its smart TV buyers not to discuss personal and confidential things while watching its TV’s.

Now comes even worse news. Samsung smart TVs could spy on your conversation but the conversation could be misused only by third-party service, viz.Nuance Communications, Inc. A new research by Pen Test Partners reveals that hackers could hack Android run smart TVs to spy on your conversation.

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