Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NYPD joins push for backdoors in commercial encryption

The New York Police Department is now officially calling for legislation mandating backdoors in commercial encryption, which would guarantee the ability of government investigators to access encrypted data in criminal and terrorist matters.

The NYPD announced its campaign against unbreakable encryption, which it is calling "Unlock Justice," on Monday morning. It is using the hashtag #UnlockJustice, which until a few hours before the announcement was devoted exclusively to the campaign for sentencing reform.

The overwhelmingly majority of technologists, cryptographers, and other security experts oppose the creation of guaranteed-access mechanisms in encryption, warning that doing so would dramatically undermine average Americans' security by creating vulnerabilities in electronic devices and services.

Last week, two U.S. senators introduced a bill that would effectively outlaw strong encryption, mandating backdoors in order to ensure that investigators could access data when they acquire a court order. Opponents Civil-liberties groups and tech-industry associations quickly slammed the bill.


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