Sunday, February 28, 2016

US Air Force Reveals B-21 Long-Range Strike Bomber

The United States’ Air Force revealed its Northrop Grumman B-21 long-range strike bomber. Analysts propose that the Air Force opts for some 100 – 180 of the aircraft, a quantity that brings to mind the cold-war era deployment of the nuclear capable B-52 bombers.

The new B-21 is similar in design to that of the Northrop B-2 flying-wing stealth design. So far, only an artist’s rendering of the new aircraft has been declassified, so nobody with the exception of the few who have the clearance to see the beast have been able to cast an eye on “the real thing”. The B-21 is to gradually substitute the 54-year-old B-52H, the 28-year-old B-1 and the 21-year-old B-2 Spirit. The Air Force announced that it expects the new B-21 to be in service until 2060.

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