Friday, December 4, 2015

IRS Looking To Purchase Another Stingray; Promises To Start Obtaining Warrants

Now that it's been a few weeks and we're used to the idea that the IRS has a Stingray device, more information has arrived to put us slightly more ill at ease. Sen. Ron Wyden asked IRS head John Koskinen some pointed questions about the IRS's cell tower spoofer ("WTF?" wasn't one of them) and has received some answers.

The IRS assures Wyden -- and by extension, the American public -- that it only uses them correctly and in a limited fashion through its criminal investigation division.

IRS use of cell-site simulation technology is limited to the federal law enforcement arm of the IRS, our Criminal Investigation division. Only trained law enforcement agents have used cell-site simulation technology, carrying out criminal investigations in accordance with all appropriate federal and state judicial procedures.

The IRS has only one* Stingray at this point, but is acquiring another, because you just can't have enough cell site simulators these days. It will also start obtaining warrants, in accordance with the DOJ's non-legally-binding suggestion that its agencies do so going forward.

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