Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The last JFK murder mystery: where is the grassy knoll film?

he Nix film is the Betamax of JFK assassination movies. Historically, it has been overshadowed by Abraham Zapruder’s film, which captured the 1963 shooting in horrific detail, and yet Orville Nix’s home movie could actually reveal more – at least for conspiracy theorists. This week, the Nix film itself became part of those conspiracy theories, when Nix’s granddaughter, Gayle Nix Jackson, took the step of suing the US government for $10m for the return of the original film. Where is it? Er, nobody knows.

What makes Nix’s film so special is that it was shot from the opposite side of the president’s motorcade to Zapruder’s (if you enhance the images, you can actually see Zapruder in it). Thus, it captures the famous “grassy knoll”, the area where sceptics believe JFK’s real killer was concealed, as opposed to Lee Harvey Oswald up in the Texas School Book Depository.

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