Thursday, November 12, 2015

Media graveyard: Daily newspapers down nearly 80%, hard news 'in danger'

Hard news faces the same kind of extinction as newspapers and magazines, the result of a dramatic death spiral of reporting jobs and ads and the rise of the type of opinion journalism popular two and three centuries ago, according to a new report and analysis.

"Hard news is in danger," said a new report from the Brookings Institution.

The report detailed a fall-off in advertising revenues and employment and raised the question that without editorial employees filtering the news, credibility will be undermined.

"These trends have left many people wondering who will collect hard news for the general public. While the Internet world has made it possible for everyone to express their opinion widely — whether they know anything or not — it has also confused readers. In the absence of supposedly neutral intermediaries such as reporters, fact-checkers, and editors, readers are having a hard time judging the credibility of what they read," said the report.

In listicle fashion, the report offered the following conclusion about today's media:

1.Print newspapers are dinosaurs
2. Hard news is in danger
3. Television is still important
4. And so is radio
5.News is now digital
6. Social media allows news (and "news") to go viral
7. For the younger generation, news is delivered through comedy

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