Thursday, October 8, 2015


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is envisioning a future in which its agents would be able to use small handheld devices to collect fingerprints and photographs in the field and add them to a massive biometrics database.

If the Bureau gets its way, that future is not too far off — it has already taken major steps this year to make it a reality.

Most recently, the FBI is soliciting bids for the development of software that would enable agents to collect fingerprints and pictures of people they encounter. The prints and images could then be compared to the Bureau’s massive biometrics database.

As the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) points out, the plans seem to expand the FBI’s “RISC” program. RISC stands for Repository for Individuals of Special Concern. It allows field agents to compare the biometric information of suspects with the information on their database.

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