Saturday, October 24, 2015

John McCain Leads The Charge To Cut Soldier Benefits; Money For Terrorists But Not For Troops

While lawmakers seem to have no problem finding funds for bombs fighter jets and terrorists in Syria and Iraq, it seems that it is much more difficult for them to find money to pay American soldiers for their service and pay for their healthcare once that service is over.

This is because Congressional Defense leaders on Tuesday announced that they are looking to enact more “entitlement and personnel reforms” in 2016.

The bill being submitted and debated by Congress would provide a much lower than anticipated pay raise for U.S. troops beginning in January 2016. It includes cuts in the growth of military housing stipends, an introduction of new co-pays for some military drug prescriptions and a scale-down of the commissary benefit.

The bill also includes changes to the traditional military retirement system and an overhaul of military healthcare offerings like Tricare.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most vocal cheerleaders of this effort to reduce benefits for American soldiers is Senator John McCain who stated that military personnel costs are “one of our greatest challenges” and that “we’re going to have to make some tough decisions” soon.

No one should be shocked at McCain’s position of course since despite his constant harping about his military service as a qualification for any and all of his opinions McCain has been a relentless enemy of American military personnel since as far back as the Vietnam War.

It should be remembered that it was John McCain who stood in front of Congress and argued against any further investigation or revelation of whether or not American POWs were still being held in Vietnam, as well as displaying a general antipathy to American military personnel as I’ve detailed in my article “The Un-American Hero: Crimes of John McCain.”

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