Monday, October 19, 2015

Chicago sued for 'unconstitutional and torturous' Homan Square police abuse

Chicago police “physically and psychologically abused” three wrongfully imprisoned black men at Homan Square, according to a new lawsuit, which details an officer holding a knife to one man’s throat as two others underwent strip searches and all were short-shackled without access to food, water, bathrooms, families or legal counsel.

The federal civil rights lawsuit, filed on Monday against six officers and the city of Chicago, alleges the use of “unconstitutionally coercive and torturous tactics” and connects the practices at Homan Square to a pattern of racially motivated policing.

In the suit, the third since the Guardian began an investigation into the secretive police compound, Atheris Mann, Jessie Patrick and Deanda Wilson charge that they were coerced into providing false information through a series of physical, verbal and psychological assaults at the facility which their attorney said “does fit into torture under the United Nations definition”.

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