Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Knowledge Ecology International Leaks TPP Text on Intellectual Property

Today, August 4, 2015, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) released text from three sections of the 95-page secret negotiating text on the Intellectual Property Chapter being used in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP, sometimes referred to as TPPA) trade negotiations. The negotiating text is dated May 11, 2015, and reflects the state of the text right before the Maui rounds of the negotiation, which ended Friday, July 31, 2015.

Released this morning is text from the following sections of the IP Chapter:

All of Section B on Cooperation. (Pages 8 to 10 of the IP Chapter)
All of Section E on “Patents / Undisclosed Test or Other Data / Traditional Knowledge.” (Pages 29 to 53 of the IP Chapter)
Articles 1 through 11 from Section H on enforcement. (Pages 67 through 89 of the IP Chapter)

We hope to release the remaining sections (A, C, D, F, G, and the rest of H) later today and Wednesday.

The text will be placed on this web page:

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