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Charlotte Iserbyt's Warning On S1177 Passage

From Charlotte Iserbyt 7-18-15 All information regarding this bill is at (the last two posts) and at, scroll to "America's Tragedy" and "Death of Local Control". S1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, received 81 yes votes, 17 no votes, and 2 not voting. The following Senators voted NO: Blunt, R/ MO; Booker, D/ NJ; Crapo, R/ID; Cruz, R/TX; Daines, R/MT; Flake, R/AZ; Lee, R/UT; Moran, R/KS; Murphy, D/CT; Paul, R/KY; Riseh, R/ID; Rubio, R/FL; Sasse, R/NE; Scott, R/SC; Shelby, R/AL; Vitter, R/LA; Warren, D/MA; NOT voting were Graham, R/SC, Nelson, D/FL We should thank those voting NO since S1177 is NOT an education bill. We should also thank the thousands of grassroots Americans who did everything possible to get a NO vote on both Rep. Kline's HR5 and Sen. Alexander's S1177 legislation. We almost killed HR 5; lost by 5 votes. I personally, for the grassroots, want to thank Jeff Rense for allowing the grassroots NO WAY ESEA message to get out. Without Jeff, we would never have come so close to defeating HR 5. HR 5 and S1177 ARE NOT EDUCATION BILLS. THEY ARE COMMUNIST LIMITED LEARNING FOR LIFELONG LABOR BILLS! which originated in Carnegie Corp. books (1934), in the United Nations, UNESCO and the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, France. They are part of UN Agenda 21. The global workforce training agenda was resurrected during the Reagan and Bush Administrations, later supported by Clinton and Bush,Jr. and now Obama. Workforce training is a major part of the world government/UNAgenda 21 plan. As C.S. Lewis said: When training beats education civilization dies. The goal is to use the world's children to spin off profits for the global elite. This international workforce training agenda is for ALL children on this planet. Homeschooled children are targetted in original New American School Development Corp documents related to charter schools. This agenda is supported by the national and international chambers of commerce, the CFR, the multinational corporations, both political parties at the top, the leadership of teachers unions (not teachers) and neoconservative organizations. The Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska, George . bishop, Chairman, Committee on Catholic education, in an address to House of Representatives, and in a letter dated 2/23/15, recommended passage of Republican Rep. Kline's HR 5, the Student Success Act. Other Protestant religious groups, etc. have expressed support for these bills. The National Alliance of Business in the nineties called for Kindergarten-Age 80 workforce training and community service. S1177 includes, aside from workforce training, a heavy emphasis on Communist Core Marxist curriculum and testing. THE TRADITIONAL ACADEMIC CURRICULUM HAS BEEN REDUCED TO 10% OF WHAT IT ORIGINALLY WAS. I BELIEVE THE COMMON CORE IS THE LATE UN UNDERSECRETARY ROBERT MULLER'S WORLD CORE (NEW AGE) CURRICULUM. S1177 includes provision of all community services (lifelong), especially mental health services (brainwashing for correct political values) birth through death, and "Soviet-style" early childhood education, under the unelected school superintendent. These hub of community schools are going in all over the country. They are Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A village to Raise a Child" philosophy. Google Georgia Visions. S1177 includes extensive privacy-invading data collection related to Communist Core Assessment/mental health remediation. This data will be used for employment and other purposes. The unelected council form of government (regionalism/communism) is a requirement. The call for tax-funded school choice and charters with unelected boards is found throughout S1177. Tax-funded school choice and charters without elected school boards are necessary for the workforce plan to be implemented. Tax-funded school choice and charters are also international and are found all over the world. The call is also being made, in other prominent circles, (Marc Tucker, Carnegie) to move education funding from the local property tax to the state level to be administered by unelected council, and to get rid of locally elected school boards; recommendation to move decision making to the state level. STATE EDUCATION CONTROL IS MORE DANGEROUS NOW THAN FEDERAL CONTROL. HR. 5 AND S1177 ARE BOTH ABOUT GIVING POWER TO THE STATE DEPTS OF EDUCATION, UNELECTED WORKFORCE TRAINING BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS. THIS MAKES MUCH SENSE IF EDUCATION IS NO LONGER EDUCATION, BUT IS WORKFORCE TRAINING WHICH HAS TO BE MANAGED FROM THE STATE LEVEL WITH COOPERATION OF CORPORATIONS AND UNELECTED COUNCILS. Neoconservative organizations withheld their opposition to HR 5 and S1177 until the very last minute when they felt the bills might be killed. Their coming on board at last minute was simply to take credit for killing them. HR 5 passed by only 5 votes!!!!!!!I understand the same neoconservative organizations that did not oppose HR5 and S1177 until the very last minute are planning a campaign to abolish the U.S. Dept. of Education. Why now when the federal Dept. of Education, after 35 years, has accomplished its job of funding and controlling all the State Depts of Education? Where were these groups in the early 80s when Reagan was supposed to abolish the Department of Education? Why now when most power has been shifted to the states? DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR SLICK PLEAS FOR DONATIONS TO BRING DOWN THE U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION. Here is a partial list of neocon groups: Heritage, Eagle Forum, Heartland, Freedom Works, American Principles, Women on the Wall, Pioneer, et al. Many of them funded by the Koch Brothers. These are Trotskyite organizations. Trotsky was a communist, not a conservative. Americans must cease their affiliation with and financial support for the neoconservative organizations that support tax-funded school choice and charter schools with unelected boards and the school-to-work agenda. Concerned Americans must work as individuals, NOT in a group that can be infiltrated. That does not mean you cannot have a very loose knit organization that cannot be identified. Please contact me for help on this score. Concerned Americans should focus instead on getting legislation passed in their states to abolish their State Departments of Education which have been financially and politically enabled since 1965. They take their orders from the Carnegie Corporation, the National Governors Association, the Education Commission of the States, and many other lesser known associations. LOCAL CONTROL IS NOT STATE CONTROL. SENATE HEARINGS ON S1177 INCLUDED MULTIPLE COMMENTS FROM SENATORS TO EFFECT POWER MUST BE RETURNED TO THE STATE LEVEL. STATE LEVEL IS NOT LOCAL LEVEL. KEEP IT THAT WAY. GET LEGISLATION PASSED IN YOUR STATES TO ABOLISH YOUR STATE'S DEPT. OF EDUCATION!!!! KEEP EDUCATION AT THE LOCAL, LOCAL LEVEL WITH ELECTED BOARDS AND FUNDING THROUGH THE PROPERTY TAX.

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