Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Hidden Castro Assassination Plots

The Hidden Castro Plots: Not A Surprise, But Revealing

The most famous attempts to kill Castro in the early 1960s were the plots revealed by the Church Committee hearings of the 1970s. Exposed were a few of the schemes dreamed up by renowned CIA spymasters Bill Harvey, David Morales and other CIA officers. What was learned by the public was only the outer surface of a much bigger story.

The author has conducted new research on two other operations designed to kill Castro. Operation Patty and Operation Liborio were based in military intelligence and in specialized "nets" within Cuba. At least one of the officers running these other operations met up with David Morales in 1962, where they had an opportunity to "talk shop".

Operations Patty and Liborio, both staged during 1961, were not revealed during the "limited hangout" conducted by the Agency during the 1970s. After Cuban intelligence chief Fabian Escalante wrote about these programs, the author took a look at how much supporting documentation existed in US intelligence files. The result of that research is that Patty and Liborio are important windows into the history of US covert operations in Cuba and the milieu that conceived the JFK assassination.

The Cuban government holds additional information about these operations. As diplomatic relations normalize between our two countries, the Cubans should be encouraged to consider releasing documents that will shed further light about this troubled history.

How extensive were these operations? Statistics do exist. The Kennedy brothers conducted one hundred and sixty-three major covert operations in less than three years, with RFK as the unofficial chief of covert ops. By comparison, Eisenhower conducted one hundred and seventy major covert operations in eight years. [i]

The Kennedys denied any knowledge of any of the Castro plots, except to order them stopped when they got wind of them.

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