Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Much Gold Was Under WTC Complex?

The fate of nearly $1 billion worth of gold, silver and other precious metals stored beneath the WTC before 9-11 continues to baffle many.

To this day, only $230 million has officially been accounted for. All of that was retrieved from the previously mentioned, two-level, 6,000-square-foot vault maintained by the Bank of Nova Scotia. They reportedly lost $200 million in gold as a result of the attacks. However, other estimates suggest there was an additional $750-million worth of precious metals that may have been stored in other vaults or hurriedly evacuated from the Nova Scotia vault before the skyscrapers came down.
by Keith Johnson / American Free Press
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Infowars Special Report -Building 7 an Inside Job

We Are founder Luke Rudkowski discusses his most recent confrontation with World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein as the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

'9/11 cancer' link FDNY's study in clash with feds

The Fire Department plans to release a study that claims firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center after the 9/11 terror attacks are suffering an increased rate of cancer -- contradicting a recent federal analysis that failed to make the link, The Post has learned.

In a report to be published in early September in The Lancet medical journal, the FDNY will claim it has discovered an increasing rate of blood cancers among firefighters who worked at the collapsed Twin Towers after Sept. 11, several sources said.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

US-Trained Assassin Teams Now Deployed in Drug War

by Bill Conroy /Narco News
A small but growing proxy war is underway in Mexico pitting US-assisted assassin teams composed of elite Mexican special operations soldiers against the leadership of an emerging cadre of independent drug organizations that are far more ruthless than the old-guard Mexican “cartels” that gave birth to them.

These Mexican assassin teams now in the field for at least half a year, sources tell Narco News, are supported by a sophisticated US intelligence network composed of CIA and civilian US military operatives as well as covert special-forces soldiers under Pentagon command — which are helping to identify targets for the Mexican hit teams.

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Agenda 21: Concentration Camp of NWO. Stealing Your Land, Your Children, and Your Identity

Agenda 21 is the New World Order´s one world government´s concentration camp for mankind. The purpose of Agenda 21 is to make the greater part of the world “Wildlands”, giving these lands surrounded by protected zones and interconnected by corridors back to nature - closed areas for mankind – and to Rothschild as forfeits for poor countries defaulting loans with Rothschild´s GEF, IMF or World Bank (Rio I 1992). In the US this process is far progressed. The aim is to change 50% of the USA into wildlands. In Florida, already the US government has acquired 28% for this purpose. People are to live huddled together in megacities - e.g. from Boston to Washington, and China is planning a megacity for 42 million people. Today only 16% of the US population lives in rural areas - as compared to 3/4 of the population in 1930. Nevertheless, the US government is doing its best to press these people into the megacities - leaving behind ghost towns. Pres Obama has just founded a Presidential Rural Council to dismantle the US countryside. All to establish Agenda 21´s “sustainable” Communist society.
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A key Sept. 11 legacy: more domestic surveillance

U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies now collect, store and analyze vast quantities of digital data produced by law-abiding Americans. The data mining receives limited congressional oversight, rare judicial review and almost no public scrutiny.

Thanks to new laws and technologies, authorities track and eavesdrop on Americans as they never could before, hauling in billions of bank records, travel receipts and other information. In several cases, they have wiretapped conversations between lawyers and defendants, challenging the legal principle that attorney-client communication is inviolate.
By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times
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WeAreChange Confronts Larry Silverstein again and again and again

Monday, August 29, 2011

9/11: The Tapping Point

What if, two years before the 9/11 attacks—with the installation of a cell-phone-and-Internet system in Afghanistan—the U.S. had been handed complete access to al-Qaeda and Taliban calls and e-mails? A secret deal was in place in 1999, the author reveals, but Washington dropped the ball.

By David Rose /Vanity Fair
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Appeals Court to Weigh NSA Dragnet Surveillance

Whether the federal government and the nation’s telecommunication companies can be held accountable for allegedly funneling every American’s electronic communication to the National Security Agency without warrants is the subject of oral arguments scheduled for a federal appeals court Wednesday.

At issue is a Jan. 31, 2006 lawsuit, and others that followed, alleging violations of the Fourth Amendment right to be free from warrantless searches and seizures. The cases, about three dozen which will be consolidated into two oral arguments, have been thrown out of court on a variety of grounds, chiefly the government’s claim that the lawsuits would expose state secrets, and a 2008 law that immunized the nation’s telcos from such lawsuits.

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WikiLeaks Springs a Leak: Full Database of Diplomatic Cables Appears Online

For the second time in a year, WikiLeaks has lost control of its full, unredacted cache of a quarter-million U.S. State Department cables — and this time the leaked files are apparently online.

Unlike the cables that WikiLeaks has been publishing piecemeal since last fall, these cables are raw and unredacted, and contain the names of informants and suspected intelligence agents that were blacked out of the official releases.
By Kim Zetter and Kevin Poulsen /Threat Level
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Playing the “Get into Saudi Arabia free card”

Recent developments among supporters of the US government’s version of events indicate that they plan to begin blaming Saudi Arabia for the attacks of September 11, 2001. There is, in fact, much evidence suggesting complicity by some elements within the Saudi government. But that fact only further implicates western powers due to the close relationship between the Saudi royal family, which runs the Saudi government, and deep state controlling interests that have partnered with and manipulated the Saudi royal family for many decades. Blaming Saudi Arabia would, however, make a lot of sense if seizing resources, including the world’s greatest oil reserves, was what the war on terror has always been about.
Kevin Ryan
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodnight Irene: Hurricane Eve in NYC

Hunkering down in New York City...

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda confirms the reality of the microchip agenda, and shows that the weapon of propaganda has been used against the public for decades in order to familiarize us with the idea of being chipped. This process is called predictive programming and its purpose is literally to program the mind of the victim so as to accept without question whatever is required by the programmer - in this case, the idea of being microchipped at some point in the future. The victim is generally unaware of being programmed, believing that it's all just harmless entertainment. For this reason it can be a powerful and effective weapon against us.

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda from John Smith on Vimeo.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

How NIST Avoided a Real Analysis of the Physical Evidence of WTC Steel

That NIST’s investigation is not in line with the most basic requirements of the scientific method is demonstrated by a closer look at NIST’s examination of the steel, which was based on the premise that nothing other than airplane impact damage and the subsequent fires brought down the Twin Towers, and where the most relevant question – why did the strong steel frames below the impact area give way – is neglected. NIST cannot justify its failure to adequately examine the steel with its published results; examining the evidence adequately is a step that needs to be done at the beginning of an investigation.
by Andrea Dreger
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C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight

In what amounts to a fight over who gets to write the history of the Sept. 11 attacks and their aftermath, the Central Intelligence Agency is demanding extensive cuts from the memoir of a former F.B.I. agent who spent years near the center of the battle against Al Qaeda.

The agent, Ali H. Soufan, argues in the book that the C.I.A. missed a chance to derail the 2001 plot by withholding from the F.B.I. information about two future 9/11 hijackers living in San Diego, according to several people who have read the manuscript.
By SCOTT SHANE /New York Times
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ghost drug plane linked to Wachovia Bank Scandal

by Daniel Hopsicker
Seizing 1.5 tons of cocaine is not exactly the news of the century anymore. But this is more than an ordinary drug bust. It has the potential to become an international incident.

Why? Because the drug plane came in to Josepha Camejo Airport from where the cocaine had presumably been loaded, a secure military facility of the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

And not from some remote Venezuelan National Guard-type base somewhere out in the boondocks...

But from the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda military air base, known as La Carlota, and situated embarrassingly close to downtown Caracas, capital city of the government of Hugo Chavez.

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Wikileaks: Homeland Security invokes Patriot Act on Assange; seeks server data

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has invoked the Patriot Act on Wikileaks’ domain registrar, in a bid to access information on founder Julian Assange.

DNS hoster Dynadot has received a Patriot Act request by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to produce information held about WIkileaks founder Julian Assange, in a fully-fledged “espionage case”.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive

We are proud to announce the launch of Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive, a library of news coverage of the events of 9/11/2001 and their aftermath as presented by U.S. and international broadcasters. A resource for scholars, journalists and the public, the library presents one week (3,000 hours from 20 channels over 7 days) of news broadcasts for study, research and analysis, with select analysis by scholars.
Internet Archive
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Judge says warrant required for cell phone location data

Does the government violate the Constitution when it obtains location data without meeting the Fourth Amendment's "probable cause" standard? Some courts have found that it does not. But in a 22-page opinion, Judge Garaufis analyzed and rejected these other courts' arguments, holding that law enforcement needs a warrant to obtain months of location data.

"The fiction that the vast majority of the American population consents to warrantless government access to the records of a significant share of their movements by 'choosing' to carry a cell phone must be rejected," he wrote. "In light of drastic developments in technology, the Fourth Amendment doctrine must evolve to preserve cell-phone user's reasonable expectation of privacy in cumulative cell-site-location records."
Ars Technica
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With CIA Help, NYPD Moves Covertly in Muslim Areas

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the NYPD has become one of the country’s most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies. A months-long investigation by The Associated Press has revealed that the NYPD operates far outside its borders and targets ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government. And it does so with unprecedented help from the CIA in a partnership that has blurred the bright line between foreign and domestic spying.

Neither the city council, which finances the department, nor the federal government, which contributes hundreds of millions of dollars each year, is told exactly what’s going on.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Terrorists For The FBI

Mother Jones has published a major, multi-article feature looking at different aspects of the FBI’s recruitment and entrapment of “terrorists”.

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Dr. Marys Monkey: The Link Between Polio Vaccines, Cancer, JFKs Murder

In this edition of Down The Rabbit Hole Popeye is joined by author and researcher Ed Haslam. Ed is the writer behind the incredible book titled Dr. Mary's Monkey. Inoculating millions of trusting schoolchildren with polio vaccines contaminated by monkey viruses has triggered an epidemic of soft tissue cancers and the desperate effort to develop an anti-cancer vaccine was secretly turned into a cancer causing bio-weapon project. And if that weren't enough it all ties into the JFK assassination.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Boiling Frogs Presents Lorie Van Auken

Lorie Van Auken joins us and shares with us her reflections ten years on about the events of 9/11 and her loss. She discusses the still- classified 28 pages of the JICI dealing with terrorist financing, the 9/11 families’ stalled lawsuit to bankrupt the terrorists and the direct interventions by the White House to protect the Saudi regime against the justice-seeking families, and the many uninvestigated questions and facts covered up by the 9/11 commission.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Frank Serpico gives rare interview to Alex Jones 8-19-11

First interview in years...

Alex Jones welcomes retired NYPD officer Frank Serpico to discuss police corruption and the drug war.

A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State

The free flow of information and communications enabled by new technologies -- as protest movements in the Middle East and a wave of serious leaks over the last year have demonstrated -- is a uniquely potent weapon in challenging entrenched government power and other powerful factions. And that is precisely why those in power -- those devoted to preservation of the prevailing social order -- are so increasingly fixated on seizing control of it and snuffing out its potential for subverting that order: they are well aware of, and are petrified by, its power, and want to ensure that the ability to dictate how it is used, and toward what ends, remains exclusively in their hands.
By Glenn Greenwald /Salon
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?

A whistle-blower claims that over the past two decades, the agency has destroyed records of thousands of investigations, whitewashing the files of some of the nation's worst financial criminals.
By Matt Taibbi /Rolling Stone
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Who–and What–Are Behind the “Official History” of the Bin Laden Raid?

By Russ Baker
When you look closely, nothing seems right about what will surely become the accepted account of the raid that nailed America’s enemy number one. And then things get even weirder…

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Remember Building 7 10th Anniversary TV Ad

This ad will appear on TV screens across the New York Metropolitan Area.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feds Who Ran 'Fast and Furious' Gun Program Receive Promotions

The ATF has promoted three key supervisors of a controversial sting operation that allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico.

All three have been heavily criticized for pushing the program forward even as it became apparent that it was out of control. At least 2,000 guns were lost and many turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and two at the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.
Los Angeles Times
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Big Brother 2.0: 10 New Ways That The Government Will Be Spying On You And Controlling Your Behavior

Are you ready for Big Brother 2.0? If you think that the hundreds of ways that the government watches, monitors, tracks and controls us now are bad, just wait until you see what is coming. We live in an age when paranoia is running wild. As technology continues to develop at an exponential pace, governments all over the globe are going to discover a multitude of new ways to spy on us and control our behavior. In a world where everyone is a "potential terrorist", we are told that things like liberty, freedom and privacy are "luxuries" that we can no longer afford. We are assured that if we just allow the government to watch all of us and investigate all of us that somehow that will keep us all safe. But it isn't just the government that is watching us. Now we are being taught to spy on one another and to report any trace of "suspicious activity" to the government immediately. The entire civilized world is being transformed into one giant prison grid, and many of the new technologies that are now being introduced are going to make things even worse.
The American Dream
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Inside 9/11 - Obstructing the investigation

This film shows how the official investigation of 9/11 failed to reveal the role of some key players in the terror plot.

Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense

This film contains a short summary of the publicly available - but still widely unnoticed - evidence for a supposed attempt to obstruct the air defense on September 11th, 2001.

Why the NIST report on the WTC towers is false

The NIST World Trade Center report for the Twin Towers is examined and shown to be false and unscientific.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

As Economy Tanks, "New Normal" Police State Takes Shape

Forget your rights.

As corporate overlords position themselves to seize what little remains of a tattered social net (adieu Medicare and Medicaid! Social Security? Au revoir!), the Obama administration is moving at break-neck speed to expand police state programs first stood-up by the Bush government.
Antifascist Calling...
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Shaming of our spooks: MI6 produced bogus Iraq war evidence under pressure from Downing Street

For MI6, the dossier brought the biggest crisis of confidence since the infamous Cambridge spy ring and the defection of one of its top men, Kim Philby, to the Soviet Union in 1963.

What happened was a lesson in the distortion that can arise when the painstaking craft of intelligence-gathering — MI6’s pride and joy since its inception in 1909 — was over-ridden by the wishful thinking and unrelenting ambition of politicians.
By Tony Rennell /Daily Mail
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pass It Around (Full Length)

ChangeDaChannel »»

The CIA and the Nazis

CIA and the Nazis reveals how over 4,000 former Nazis went to work for the U.S. government, without the public's knowledge, to help fight the Soviet Union. Reinhard Gehlen, an intelligence officer for Hitler's General Staff, was tapped to head the U.S. intelligence program in West Germany to spy on the Russians. At the same time, former Nazi scientists and engineers were welcomed onto American soil. But the extent of these operations is only now becoming clear: In 1998, a law was passed mandating declassification of documents concerning recruitment of former Nazis. CIA AND THE NAZIS examines these files to see how far the U.S. went in recruiting its former enemy to fight its new one.

Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of Building 7

This is AE911Truth's new mini-documentary on the mysterious destruction of World Trade Center Building #7. Join actor, Ed Asner, and architect, Richard Gage, AIA, as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account ("collapse due to normal office fires") of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds - and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A CIA 9/11 Cover-Up?

Did the CIA keep mum about two 9/11 hijackers because it tried and failed to recruit them?
Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, authors of 'The Eleventh Day,' on whether there’s any truth behind ex-Bush official Richard Clarke’s claim.

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The ‘Big Lie’ about postal ‘bankruptcy’

Yesterday, in a mandatory stand-up talk, Postal Service management all across the country told letter carriers:

“If we were a private company, we would have already filed for bankruptcy and gone through restructuring—much like major automakers did two years ago.”

The Service repeated this claim in a press release distributed to the nation’s news media as well.

Of course, it’s not true. But the USPS seems to think that if it repeats this “Big Lie” often enough, most people—and especially members of Congress—will think it’s true.

So, let’s set the record straight: If the Postal Service were a private company, it would not have to file for bankruptcy because it would not be subject to a USPS-specific congressional mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. As it is, it is the only federal agency required to do so: It must pre-fund these benefits some 75 years into the future on a massively accelerated schedule.

This postal-only mandate, which costs the USPS $5.5 billion per year, accounts for 100 percent of the Postal Service’s $20 billion in losses over the past four years. It also accounts for 100 percent of the rise in the Postal Service’s debt in recent years. Without the mandate, the USPS would have been profitable over the past four years and it would have significant borrowing authority to ride out the bad economy. It would not have had to file for bankruptcy.

In fact, no private company in America is required to pre-fund future retiree health benefits, either by law or private-sector accounting standards. The $47 billion the Postal Service has deposited into its retiree health fund over the past four years would have been available for operating costs. And those companies that voluntarily do pre-fund would never have adopted a crushing schedule to pre-fund 80 percent of future retiree health costs in just 10 years. Nor would they mindlessly stick to such an onerous schedule in the middle of the worst recession in 80 years.

Don’t believe the “Big Lie.” The Postal Service is not going bankrupt. Rather, Washington politics is killing it.
National Association of Letter Carriers
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INFOWARS SPECIAL REPORT:Globalists' Extermination List Exposed

Was CIA behind Operation Fast and Furious?

The CIA’s motive is clear enough: The U.S. government is afraid the Los Zetas drug cartel will mount a successful coup d’etat against the government of Felipe Calderon.

Founded by ex-Mexican special forces, the Zetas already control huge swaths of Mexican territory. They have the organization, arms and money needed to take over the entire country.
By Robert Farago and Ralph Dixon /The Washington Times
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Richard Clarke airs suspicions over Sept. 11 intel failures

Often depicted as allies in the fight against al-Qaeda before the Sept. 11 attacks, Richard Clarke and George Tenet resurfaced this week with new recriminations over intelligence breakdowns and blame.

Clarke, who served in two administrations as a White House counter-terrorism adviser, started the squabble by saying he now suspects the CIA hid its knowledge that two of the Sept. 11 hijackers had entered the United States because the agency had tried – and failed – to recruit them as informants.
By Greg Miller /Washington Post
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An Explosive New 9/11 Charge

In a new documentary, former national-security aide Richard Clarke suggests the CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up.
Philip Shenon /Daily Beast
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Richard Clarke Accuses Tenet and CIA of 9/11 Cover-Up

In a stunning new interview made available to Truthout and set to air on a local PBS affiliate in Colorado tonight, former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, for the first time, levels explosive allegations against three former top CIA officials - George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee - accusing them of knowingly withholding intelligence from the Bush and Clinton White House, the FBI, Immigration and the State and Defense Departments about two of the 9/11 hijackers who had entered the United States more than a year before the attacks. Moreover, Clarke says the former CIA officials likely engaged in a cover-up by withholding key details about two of the hijackers from the 9/11 Commission.
by: Jason Leopold / Truthout
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Privacy Groups Protest Massive DHS Database of Secret Watchlists

Homeland Security plans to operate a massive new database of names, photos, birthdays and biometrics called Watchlist Service, duplicated from the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database which has proven not to be accurate many times in the past. DHS wants to exempt the Watchlist Service from Privacy Act provisions, meaning you will never know if you are wrongfully listed.
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Martial Law: Corporate Media Hints At Military Plans To Take On The American People During Domestic Civil Unrest

John Hudson, writing for the Atlantic Wire, has published an article about Operation Garden plot and an ominous tweet from White House corespondent Marc Ambinder.

“According to National Journal‘s White House correspondent Marc Ambinder the U.S. already has a game plan in place. “If what happened in London ever happened in the US, the military has plans — CONPLAN 3501 and 3502 — to suppress the ‘insurrection,” wrote Hudson.

CONPLAN 3501 and 3502, or Operation Garden Plot, is a long ago declassified plan that calls for the use of the military, in violation of Posse Comitatus, against the American people.

Garden Plot is a sub program of the infamous Rex84 which openly set up an unnamed number of detention camps in America.

The Intel Hub
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The World’s Dirtiest Bank: HSBC

In late July, First Niagara Financial Group announced that it would buy 195 retail bank branches in New York and Connecticut from HSBC for around $1 billion. [1] HSBC acquired the branches when it bought the spooky Marine Midland in 1980.

According to Global Finance, the UK-headquartered HSBC Holdings is the world’s 3rd largest bank with $2.36 trillion in assets. Formerly known as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation, HSBC has served as the world’s #1 drug money laundry since its inception as a repository for British Crown opium proceeds accrued during the Chinese Opium Wars. During the Vietnam War HSBC laundered CIA heroin proceeds.
By Dean Henderson -
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Infowars Ireland Predicted SEAL Team 6 Demise

Declan O’Shea of Infowars Ireland, in May 2011, predicting that the SEAL Team 6 members that raided a compound in Pakistan were not long for this world and would be liquidated to tie up loose ends.

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Explosive Jackie O tapes ’reveal how she believed Lyndon B Johnson killed JFK

Jackie Onassis believed that Lyndon B Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy, ‘explosive’ recordings are set to reveal.

The secret tapes will show that the former first lady felt that her husband’s successor was at the heart of the plot to murder him.

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Big Brother is tracking you: GPS and the 4th Amendment

The Supreme Court will rule next term on whether police need warrants to track suspects using high-tech surveillance. It could have a major impact on defining modern privacy rights.
By Jordan Smith /The Crime Report
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ground Zero 'cleanup' 9/11 att'ys pocketing over $400M

Attorneys for both the city and Ground Zero workers will reap more than $400 million combined -- with the law firm for most of the sick 9/11 workers expected to be paid at least $210.4 million, a Post review found.

The mega-fees are rolling in to Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern, a law partnership that represents about 90 percent of the 10,500 cops, firefighters, hardhats and other 9/11 responders in a $637.5 million settlement with the city.
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Dr. Crockett Grabbe-National Swindle on the World Trade Center

The Debate over 9/11 Truth: Kevin Ryan vs. Jim Fetzer

The publication of "Is '9/11 Truth' based upon a false theory?"
has led to many attacks upon me by Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, and others, as anyone who reviews the comments on that article can ascertain for themselves.
James Fetzer
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William Cooper-JFK Open Lines 11-23-94

William Cooper - Hour of The Time
Episode 489
November 23,1994

William Cooper Playlist»»

Friday, August 5, 2011

Prodigy of Mobb Deep: Rapper Reveals Illuminati Symbolism in Music World

Alex Jones talks with Grammy Award–winning rapper Prodigy, who is one half of the hip-hop duo Mobb Deep and has spoken out on the Illuminati and secret societies.
Broadcast aired 8/4/11.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Secret War in 120 Countries: The Pentagon’s New Power Elite

Somewhere on this planet an American commando is carrying out a mission. Now, say that 70 times and you’re done... for the day. Without the knowledge of the American public, a secret force within the U.S. military is undertaking operations in a majority of the world’s countries. This new Pentagon power elite is waging a global war whose size and scope has never been revealed, until now.

By Nick Turse /
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Getting Bin Laden

What happened that night in Abbottabad.
by Nicholas Schmidle / The New Yorker
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While Schmidle is an experienced journalist with service in Pakistan and elsewhere, his access to those involved in the kill's top secret planning and operation, and his unrelenting positive spin of the story (in accord with the Obama's campaign to valorize the singular accomplishment), could be explained by his access to his father, Richard Schmidle, a general in Special Operations and now deputy commander for U.S. Cyber Command.
Cryptome:Getting Access to the Secrets of the Osama Bin Ladin Kill»»

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


National Security Archive Lawsuit Yields Never-Before-Seen Volumes of Massive Study;
Agency Continues to Withhold Volume 5
Pursuant to a FOIA lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive on the 50th anniversary of the infamous CIA-led invasion of Cuba, the CIA has released four volumes of its Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation.

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Monday, August 1, 2011