Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michael Moore Backs Call to Re-Open Investigation of 9/11 Attacks

In his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," documentary filmmaker Michael Moore explored the complex ties between Bush administration officials and associates, the Saudi Royal family, and those believed to have carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Today, Moore is backing former Florida governor and senator Bob Graham's call for President Obama to reopen the investigation into 9/11 after new information emerged about the possible role of prominent Saudis.
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John Coleman - Mass Immigration & The End of Nations

For nearly 35 years, John Coleman, a political scientist and economist, has been reporting and writing on the subject of political conspiracies and world affairs. Coleman has published 14 books and hundreds of reports analyzing the power structure of the world. He argues that a relatively small group of elite, "The Committee of 300", are pursuing a goal of one-world government.
Red Ice Radio
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The Boiling Frogs Presents Russ Tice

Russ Tice joins us to assess and explain the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) ongoing and ever-expanding domestic electronic surveillance of Americans in violation of our rights guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment, and the implications and dangers of the agency’s massive Data Mining technologies and practices.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay on F.B.I.’s Watch List

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is permitted to include people on the government’s terrorist watch list even if they have been acquitted of terrorism-related offenses or the charges are dropped, according to newly released documents.

The files, released by the F.B.I. under the Freedom of Information Act, disclose how the police are instructed to react if they encounter a person on the list. They lay out, for the first time in public view, the legal standard that national security officials must meet in order to add a name to the list. And they shed new light on how names are vetted for possible removal from the list.
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CIA, Pentagon fight to keep Osama bin Laden death photos secret

Photos and videos of Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May in a U.S. military/Central Intelligence Agency raid in Pakistan should not be released publicly because they would reveal military and intelligence secrets and could lead to violence against U.S. personnel, the Obama administration argued in papers filed in federal court in Washington late Monday night.

The new filings from the Justice Department provide scant details about the imagery, but CIA National Clandestine Service Director John Bennett wrote that the CIA has "52 unique....photographs and/or videorecordings" depicting bin Laden during or after the May operation. Bennett did not break down the tally further, but said all the imagery is classified "TOP SECRET," meaning that disclosure of the material could lead to "exceptionally grave damage" to U.S. national security.
Josh Gerstein /Politico
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Bogus Postal Service crisis deserves to get a Return to Sender

Union leaders and consumer advocates like Ralph Nader insist this is all a "manufactured crisis" to drive down wages and break the unions.

At least two recent postal audits seem to back up those claims. They show the government has been siphoning too much in Postal Service revenues to pay for health care and pension benefits.

Take the $5.5 billion the agency must pay the government in a few days. That's part of a "Postal Accountability" law the Republicans pushed through in December 2006 - just before they lost control of the House and Senate.

It requires the Postal Service to fully fund health benefits of retirees for the next 75 years. As a result, the agency must contribute $103 billion to that fund by 2016.

In other words, the Postal Service is paying for health care costs of people it hasn't even hired yet. That's something no other government or private company is required to do, Nader noted in a letter to Congress last week.
Juan Gonzalez /NYDailyNews
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pakistan Claims CIA Used Dengue Fever as Bioweapon

Pakistan suspects the CIA may be behind an outbreak of Dengue fever in the country. The Pakistan News Service
reports today that the Pakistan Medical Association has called on security agencies to investigate fears of deliberate spread of the deadly disease in the Punjab.
Kurt Nimmo /
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Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments »»

Shock Doctrine at U.S. Postal Service: Is A Manufactured Crisis Behind Push to Privatize?

Today, postal workers and their supporters are holding events across the country to press their demand for repealing the benefit-funding mandate and push back against calls for their workplace to be privatized.

We host a debate between Chuck Zlatkin, the legislative and political director of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, and Gene Del Polito, president of the Association for Postal Commerce in Washington, D.C.
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CIA: US Overestimated Soviet Missiles

During the “Missile Gap” of the 1950s and 1960s, the United States drastically overestimated the number of Soviet missiles, according to 189 documents recently released by the CIA and discussed by former CIA agents and historians on Monday at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.

The declassified documents “showed the Soviets didn’t really have an advantage,” Chief of the CIA’s Historical Collections Division Bruce S. Barkan said. During the Missile Gap period, there was a growing perception in the U.S. that the Soviet Union had hundreds of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

But a declassified document from Sept. 21, 1961—part of a larger set of newly released material called the Missile Gap Report—debunked this theory, providing evidence that the Soviets only had four ICBMs.
The Harvard Crimson
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3 Big Lies At the Heart of Republican Attacks On the Post Office

House Republicans are aiming to dismantle the postal service, but their plans hinge on a few tall tales they've sold the American public.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Can the NYPD Shoot Down a Plane? Kinda, Sorta, Not Exactly.

Last night, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made a startling claim: that the NYPD has “some means to take down a plane,” in the event of another terror attack.

But don’t let your imagination run too wild: there’s no stealth jet emerging from 1 Police Plaza; there are no anti-aircraft missiles mounted on the top on the Williamsburg Bank. Kelly’s talking about a simple sniper rifle, which an NYPD helicopter crew could carry into the air, and target the engines of a plane. A small plane, I’m guessing.

Which makes Kelly’s eye-popping assertion, issued on Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes, accurate in only the most narrow, literal sense. Police sources tell the New York Post that the (potentially) plane-shooting Barret .50 caliber rifle is stored in an NYPD safe and is deployed only for ’special occasions,’ such as when the president is in town.”
By Noah Shachtman /Danger Room
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NYPD can take down terror planes from skies in 'very extreme' situations, Ray Kelly says

The NYPD can take down terror planes from the skies, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Sunday night.

The city's top cop answered with a firm "Yes" when "60 Minutes" interviewer Scott Pelley asked if the New York City police had the equipment and training to do so.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

'Stingray' Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional Clash

Stingrays are designed to locate a mobile phone even when it's not being used to make a call. The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the devices to be so critical that it has a policy of deleting the data gathered in their use, mainly to keep suspects in the dark about their capabilities, an FBI official told The Wall Street Journal in response to inquiries.
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Infowars Special Report: The Vaccine Cover-Up Implodes with Andrew Wakefield

Alex Jones welcomes Dr. Andrew Wakefield in studio to discuss the massive health risks associated with dangerous inoculations, as the establishment media and the pharmaceutical lobby launch another mass hoax in claiming that HPV shots are "wonderfully safe" when the CDC's own figures show over 18,000 adverse reactions.

The Boiling Frogs Presents Kevin Fenton

Author and researcher Kevin Fenton joins us to discuss the recent case involving the CIA’s withholding of the release of audio documentary “Who is Richard Blee?” and the extensive research and findings which have resulted in the unmasking of three former top CIA officials and their role in withholding intelligence on two key 9/11 hijackers and subsequent cover-ups.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saudi Royal Ties to 9/11 Hijackers Via Florida Saudi Family?

By Russ Baker
WhoWhatWhy has found evidence linking the Saudi royal family to Saudis in South Florida who reportedly had direct contact with the 9/11 hijackers before fleeing the United States just prior to the attacks. Our report connects some of the dots first laid out by investigative author Anthony Summers and Florida-based journalist Dan Christensen in articles jointly published in the Miami Herald and on the nonprofit news site

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War on the 'Red Empire': How America planned for an attack on BRITAIN in 1930 with bombing raids and chemical weapons

Details of an amazing American military plan for an attack to wipe out a major part of the British Army are today revealed for the first time.

In 1930, a mere nine years before the outbreak of World War Two, America drew up proposals specifically aimed at eliminating all British land forces in Canada and the North Atlantic, thus destroying Britain's trading ability and bringing the country to its knees.

Previously unparalleled troop movements were launched as an overture to an invasion of Canada, which was to include massive bombing raids on key industrial targets and the use of chemical weapons, the latter signed off at the highest level by none other than the legendary General Douglas MacArthur.
By David Gerrie /Mail Online
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Appeals Court OKs Challenge to Warrantless Electronic Spying

A legal challenge questioning the constitutionality of a federal law authorizing warrantless electronic surveillance of Americans inched a step closer Wednesday toward resolution.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for the second time, rejected the Obama administration’s contention that it should toss a lawsuit challenging the 2008 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act.
By David Kravets /Wired
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secret recordings emerge over Operation Fast and Furious and the ATF's conspiracy to put more guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs

Operation Fast and Furious is the most recent example of a U.S.-run criminal conspiracy pursued for the ultimate purpose of dismantling the Bill of Rights. It involved ATF agents running a criminal scheme that sold literally tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs, after which the government planned to call for "gun sales restrictions" following the wave of gun violence that would inevitably result.
Mike Adams/Natural News
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The Great Postal Heist

The US Postal Service, its workforce, and US citizens are under attack.
PostTruth has created this video in response to the hype perpetuated in the mainstream media.

Lloyd’s Insurers Drop 9/11-Related Claims Lawsuit

Without explanation, a group of insurers today dropped its lawsuit against Saudi Arabia and several Saudi organizations claiming they should cover the $215 million the group has paid out in claims related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lloyd's insurer sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks'

A Lloyd's insurance syndicate has begun a landmark legal case against Saudi Arabia, accusing the kingdom of indirectly funding al-Qa'ida and demanding the repayment of £136m it paid out to victims of the 9/11 attacks.

The Brighton-based Lloyd's 3500 syndicate, which paid $215m compensation to companies and individuals involved, alleges that the oil-rich Middle Eastern superpower bears primary responsibility for the atrocity because al-Qa'ida was supported by banks and charities acting as "agents and alter egos" for the Saudi state.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Postal Union Demands that Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe Resign Immediately

New York, NY, September 15, 2011 - In the face of the financial crisis that the United States Postal Service is facing, the New York Metro Area Postal Union, APWU, AFL-CIO, led by President Clarice Torrence, has called upon the Postmaster General and CEO of the United States Postal Service, Patrick R. Donahoe, to step down from his position immediately. If Postmaster General Donahoe refuses to resign, the union calls upon the Postal Board of Governors to fire him.

Postmaster Donahoe took the oath of office as the 73rd Postmaster General of the United States on January 14, 2011 after having been appointed to the position by the Board of Governors on December 7, 2010. He had served as Deputy Postmaster General under Postmaster General Potter since 2005. In April of this year, Donahoe successfully negotiated a new four-year collective bargaining agreement with the American Postal Workers Union. Donahoe praised the agreement, "We worked together to negotiate a responsible agreement that is in the best interest of our customers, our employees and the future of the Postal Service." He took credit for the agreement which he claimed would save the USPS $3.8 billion in labor costs. Less than three months after the agreement was signed, Donahoe called upon Congress to nullify part of the contract to allow him to layoff 120,000 postal workers.

The New York Metro Area Postal Union concludes from his actions that Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe is either a well-meaning incompetent or a duplicitous agent of forces who actively want to destroy the Postal Service and have it privatized. Whichever case is true, Donahoe is violating his oath of office and failing to meet the requirements of his position to be responsible for the overall operation of the Postal Service. Donahoe has contracts remaining to be negotiated with the three remaining postal unions. NYMAPU questions how the other postal unions can bargain in good faith with Postmaster Donahoe after his actions following the contract with the APWU.

New York Metro Area Postal Union is also calling for an independent investigation into the unprecedented sweetheart retirement package that was given to Donahoe's predecessor, former Postmaster John E. Potter. Potter stepped down on December 3, 2010. He was retiring with $3.1 million in pension benefits accumulated during his 32 year career. Potter was also able to use a separate pension established for him by the Postal Board of Governors in 2001 based on performance goals that was worth $1.35 million when it was frozen in 2007 in favor of direct performance incentives. Potter's base salary in 2010 was $273,296 but he had already built up $881,000 in deferred compensation in awards and incentives that he could draw out in annual installments once retired.

If the Postal Service is in such dire straights, as is being reflected by Postmaster Donahoe's recent testimony, there needs to be an investigation into why former Postmaster Potter received such elaborate performance bonuses and awards in his retirement package while leaving the Postal Service on the brink of failure.

It is the position of the New York Metro Area Postal Union that the current financial crisis in the Postal Service is caused by mandates imposed by Congress in the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and the overpayments into the CSRS and FERS retirement plans that have been expropriated from the Postal Service by the Treasury. H.R. 1351 introduced by Representative Stephen Lynch will correct those inequities and enable the Postal Service to carry out its functions without closing post offices, cutting back on delivery and eliminating hundreds of thousands of living wage jobs in the middle of a recession.

By Chuck Zlatkin /New York Metro Area Postal Union, APWU, AFL-CIO
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Destroying the Postal Service in Order to Save It?

The root cause of the financial distress that the Postal Service is going through is overwhelmingly caused by Congressional mandates that were imposed upon the Postal Service. Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), which was signed into law by President G.W. Bush on December 20, 2006. Under the guise of modernizing the Postal Service for the 21st Century, it actually doomed the Postal Service. If not for the PAEA, the Postal Service would be functioning fine even with the impact of email and the financial collapse of 2008.

One of the provisions of the PAEA was to mandate that the Postal Service fully pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, and to do it within a ten-year window. This means that the Postal Service is required to send to the U. S. Treasury $5.5 billion each September 30. Remember, this is to pay for the future retirement health benefits of people who haven't even been born yet. The Postal Service is the only entity that is mandated by law to do this. No government agency, corporation or organization is required to fully pre-fund future retirees' health benefits.
By Chuck Zlatkin /New York Metro Area Postal Union, APWU, AFL-CIO
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The Truth about the USPS "Crisis": A Summary

The lie being told about the US Postal Service’s financial difficulties is that mail volume is down because of e-mail and the Internet. In fact, the “crisis” is an entirely manufactured one. The USPS is under the same kind of attack as the one launched by Scott Walker against Wisconsin public employees: it’s an effort to break the unions and to privatize as much of the USPS as possible.
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The Boiling Frogs Presents Paul Thompson-Part III

Paul Thompson joins us to discuss one of the most blacked-out and censored aspects of Al-Qaeda-CIA connections: The partnership and alliance between the CIA and Al Qaeda and their joint operations in Central Asia, Balkans and Caucasus throughout the 1990’s.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines

One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry -- a Merck scientist -- made a recording where he openly admits that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses.
by Mike Adams,
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NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums

The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.

Under the new "enhanced" pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from the ankles to the knees as well as the waist up. Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up while looking for booze, weapons or other banned items.

By Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

18th annual rankings track the largest government contractors

We rank the largest contractors in the government market based on an analysis of government procurement data during fiscal 2010.
2011 Washington Technology Top 100
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Bill Conroy on ATF, Fast and Furious & Mexico

From Narco News: “The fingerprints of the CIA have surfaced in a controversial federal criminal case pending in Chicago against Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, an alleged kingpin in the Sinaloa “drug cartel.”

US government prosecutors filed pleadings in the case late last week seeking to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA), a measure designed to assure national security information does not surface in public court proceedings.”

Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with Bill Conroy – author of this Narco News article – about this, Fast and Furious “firings” and much much more…
Expert Witness Radio
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)

#1.Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) $294.21 Million

#2.Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) $220.40 Million

#3.Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) $193.07 Million

#4.Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) $81.63 Million

#5.Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) $76.30 Million

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attica Is All of Us: Cornel West on 40th Anniversary of Attica Prison Rebellion

This week marks the 40th anniversary of another 9/11 tragedy: the Attica prison rebellion. On September 9, 1971, prisoners took over much of state prison in Attica, New York, to protest conditions at the maximum security prison.

Court Pleadings Point to CIA Role in Alleged “Cartel” Immunity Deal

Mexican Narco-Trafficker’s Revelations in Criminal Case Force US Government to Invoke National Security Claims
The fingerprints of the CIA have surfaced in a controversial federal criminal case pending in Chicago against Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, an alleged kingpin in the Sinaloa “drug cartel.”

US government prosecutors filed pleadings in the case late last week seeking to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA), a measure designed to assure national security information does not surface in public court proceedings.
Bill Conroy/NarcoNews
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kurt Sonnenfeld interview: 9-11 ten years later

Kurt Sonnenfeld reflects on 9-11.

New Docs Detail How Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks

New documents have emerged showing that federal officials in Washington and New York went further than was previously known to downplay concerns about health risks, misrepresenting or concealing information that ultimately might have protected thousands of people from the contaminated air at ground zero.
by Anthony DePalma, Special to ProPublica
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New Documents Suggest DoD Watchdog Covered Up Intelligence Unit's Work Tracking 9/11 Terrorists

Senior Pentagon officials scrubbed key details about a top-secret military intelligence unit's efforts in tracking Osama bin Laden and suspected al-Qaeda terrorists from official reports they prepared for a Congressional committee probing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, new documents obtained by Truthout reveal.
by: Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold / Truthout
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9/11: Ten Years Later-Alex Jones Infowars Nightly News

Infowars Nightly News for Friday, September 9, 2011.

9/11 Inside Job: Ten Years Later

In a special report for Infowars Nightly News marking the 10th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks, reporter Aaron Dykes reflects upon some of the biggest smoking guns and unanswered questions of 9/11, as well as the legacy of 9/11 truth, which has gained momentum with the public.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

A New Type of War: The Story of the FAA and NORAD Response to the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Team 8 of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States has determined the operational facts of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) and North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) response to [the] September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, as reconstructed from primary sources such as logs, tape recordings, transcripts and radar data, and corroborated in interviews with key personnel involved. Set forth in this monograph is the definitive account concerning when and how the FAA gained situational awareness that each of the four commercial aircraft was hijacked by terrorists on the morning of 9/11, when and how the FAA notified the military about each of the hijacked aircraft, and when and how the military responded.
Rutgers Law Review
A New Type of War»»

High-Level Officials Eager to Spill the Beans About What REALLY Happened on 9/11 … But No One In Washington or the Media Wants to Hear

9/11 was one of the most important events in American history, as 10 years of war in numerous countries – costing trillions of dollars – and the crackdown on liberties like freedom of speech have all been justified by that one event. And yet the politicians in D.C. and the corporate media don’t want to hear from the people who can explain the gross incompetence (or worse) which occurred on that day.
by WashingtonsBlog
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

National Archive keeps bulk of 9/11 Commission report sealed

Ten years after al Qaeda's attack on the United States, the vast majority of the 9/11 Commission's investigative records remain sealed at the National Archives in Washington, even though the commission had directed the archives to make most of the material public in 2009, Reuters has learned.

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The Toronto Hearings

This is the official broadcast site of the International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, at Ryerson University from Sept. 8 to 11, 2011.

Newly Published Audio Provides Real-Time View of 9/11 Attacks

A newly published chronicle of the civil and military aviation responses to the hijackings that originally had been prepared by investigators for the 9/11 Commission, but never completed or released.

Threaded into vivid narratives covering each of the four airliners, the multimedia document contains 114 recordings of air traffic controllers, military aviation officers, airline and fighter jet pilots, as well as two of the hijackers, stretching across two hours of the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

This week, the complete document, with recordings, is being published for the first time by the Rutgers Law Review, and selections of it are available online at

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The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air»»

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/11 In-Depth: Long Suppressed Academic Evidence to Stream Live During Toronto International Hearings, September 8-11, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Toronto »»

Paul Craig Roberts on the 9/11 10th Anniversary

GRTV talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary Treasury, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, author and researcher, about the significance of 9/11 on the brink of the tenth anniversary of those events. We discuss the many points at which the official explanation of 9/11 do not mesh with the available evidence, the many experts who have raised their voices in dissent (and been silenced), and what our response to 9/11 teaches us about where we are heading as a society.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Boiling Frogs Presents Paul Thompson-Part II

Paul Thompson joins us to discuss the latest revelations by former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke and his explosive allegations against three former top CIA officials – George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee – accusing them of knowingly withholding intelligence about two of the 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, who had entered the United States more than a year before the attacks.

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Thomas Kean Runs Away From 911 Cover Up

Luke Rudkowski finds the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Report Thomas Kean and won't leave him alone until the unanswered questions about 9/11 are answered.

9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used?

This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television.

Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer. This film provides stunning evidence that explosives were used in the complete demolition of the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.

Jim Marrs-9/11 And Other Mysteries (2003)

OPEN DISCUSSION ON 9/11 AND OTHER MYSTERIES, with Jim Marrs and Ken Jenkins.

You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official 9/11 Story

Ten years have passed since the infamous events of September 11th, 2001 took place, and the majority of people still don't know a damn thing about the actual details of that event. They don't know what was going on in the country with regard to our military that day. They don't know the history or the activities of key members of our government, defense establishment or intelligence community, on, or during the weeks, and in some cases the years leading up to that day. They don't know what took place during or immediately following the events of that day. And they don't know what actions were taken by those key people following that event.
Jesse Richard - Founder,
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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Pentagon Attack on 9/11: A Refutation of the Pentagon Flyover Hypothesis Based on Analysis of the Flight Path

By Frank Legge
(B.Sc., Ph.D., Chemistry)
David Chandler
(B.S. Physics, M.S.,Mathematics)
The legal and political implications of 9/11 have turned scientific research in this area into a high stakes competition for the minds of the public. Pertinent information has been kept secret, the corporate media has systematically kept "damaging" information (such as video images of the World Trade Center Building 7) out of public view, 9/11 research has been marginalized, and the official investigations have failed to answer, or in many cases even address, the most troubling questions. One development that appears to be a tactic in the ongoing cover-up is the high profile promotion of transparently false theories, "straw men," the only purpose of which appears to be to allow the 9/11 Truth Movement to be ridiculed.

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 upon us, the battle for public perceptions has intensified and there is a heightened campaign to undermine the scientific basis of the truth movement.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command

This article, adapted from a chapter of the newly released “Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State,” by Washington Post reporters Dana Priest and William M. Arkin, chronicles JSOC’s spectacular rise, much of which has not been publicly disclosed before.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Infowars Nightly News Inaugural Broadcast 9-1-11

The maiden voyage of Infowars Nightly News September 1,2011.

Wikileaks releases all US cables unredacted

Wikileaks says all 251,287 of the leaked diplomatic cables are now online in a searchable format.

Secret US Embassy Cables»»

Cablegate's cables: Full-text search »»

US diplomatic cables browser »»

U.S. Sources Exposed as Unredacted State Department Cables Are Unleashed Online

The release of the file comes amidst a heated blame fest between WikiLeaks and the Guardian newspaper in London, which let slip the encrypted version of the database and the decryption key respectively. As details surface about how the leak occurred, it appears that both organizations share the blame.

The 1.73-GB file and passphrase were published Thursday on Cryptome , a competing secret-spilling site, after news broke over the last week that the file had been circulating on the internet unnoticed for several months.
By Kim Zetter /Threat Level
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Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11 (2006)

Just days after September 11, 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency assured the public that there should be no concern about any health hazards associated with exposure to smoke and debris in lower Manhattan.

Now many of the first-responders who risked their lives within that toxic chemical soup are seriously ill or dying.
This disturbing documentary asks whether the EPA’s pronouncement was based on science or politics.

9/11 Dust Linked To Cancer!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ten Years Later: Surveillance in the "Homeland"

Truthout & the ACLU present Surveillance in the 'Homeland', a multimedia retrospective examining the shifting surveillance landscape in the US post-9/11.
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The Mystery Man Behind Evidence of Revision

The person behind Evidence of Revision was a fifty-something year old man living in San Diego and going by the pseudonym “Terrence Raymond.” However, due to his rapidly deteriorating physical and financial situation, he feared facing homelessness. With the few remaining dollars left in his possession, Raymond mailed Evidence of Revision to forty different people who ran conspiracy websites, hosted radio shows, or were scholars of the Kennedy assassination. Although he had yet to accept a dime for his efforts, he hoped somebody would notice his work. Little did Raymond know his documentary would become an underground classic, and soon history buffs and those who sought to debunk the enduring cover-up began passing it around like a virus.

To date, Raymond’s only interview took place on WING TV on July 13, 2006 (

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The Boiling Frogs Presents Paul Thompson

This is Part I of our three-part one-of-a-kind interview series with author and researcher Paul Thompson.

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Paul Thompson is the author of the Terror Timeline, a compilation of over 5,000 reports and articles concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks. His research in the field has garnered over 100 radio and TV interviews. Mr. Thompson holds a psychology degree from Stanford University obtained in 1990. For the complete 9/11 Timeline Investigative Project visit