Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agenda 21: Concentration Camp of NWO. Stealing Your Land, Your Children, and Your Identity

Agenda 21 is the New World Order´s one world government´s concentration camp for mankind. The purpose of Agenda 21 is to make the greater part of the world “Wildlands”, giving these lands surrounded by protected zones and interconnected by corridors back to nature - closed areas for mankind – and to Rothschild as forfeits for poor countries defaulting loans with Rothschild´s GEF, IMF or World Bank (Rio I 1992). In the US this process is far progressed. The aim is to change 50% of the USA into wildlands. In Florida, already the US government has acquired 28% for this purpose. People are to live huddled together in megacities - e.g. from Boston to Washington, and China is planning a megacity for 42 million people. Today only 16% of the US population lives in rural areas - as compared to 3/4 of the population in 1930. Nevertheless, the US government is doing its best to press these people into the megacities - leaving behind ghost towns. Pres Obama has just founded a Presidential Rural Council to dismantle the US countryside. All to establish Agenda 21´s “sustainable” Communist society.
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