Friday, December 31, 2010

The Attack in Dealey Plaza

Bob Harris: The Attack in Dealey Plaza, Video Compilation»»

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  1. We all know from eye witness accounts that the PRESEDENT was first shot as the vehicle turned left from ELM STREET this was when people on location said JFK had certainly reacted to something that effectively had made him fall towards his left side as the vehicle was just turning down towards a point were shots would be fired once again from the FRONT OF THE VEHICLE ONCE AGAIN AS WELL FROM THE BACK OF THE VEHICLE as well. But as far as the first shot is concerned it is the most important because something that is so obvious and in all of our faces so critically important as a lead to follow up on AND AS SUCH IS TOTALLY DISREGARDED AND NEVER SO MUCH AS MENTIONED ANYWHERE ANYTIME EVER? Only the medical response team of doctors who treated our PRESEDENT said they SAW AN ENTERANCE WOUND TO THE FRONT OF THE LOWER NECK OR THE FRONT OF THE THROAT WHERE THEY ADMINISTERED A BREATHING AIRWAY TUBE. All of this is past by for we all know if this is common knowledge and that JFK was indeed shot in the front of his lower throat THEN WE HAVE TWO SHOOTERS WHICH IS A CONSPERICY AND NOT THE RESULT OF A LONE NUT GUNMEN. lee Harvey Oswald. and once again we know all of us know HARVEY " O " DID NOT SOLO DELAY PLAZA. In reality there had to be at least 3 shooters in the least. Just from the wounds the PRESEDENT RECIEVED. At least two from the front and At least Two from the rear of the car.? WHAT HAPPENED AMERICA How could whoever has done this power an over throw of our government at such a time! It was the best of times and these crooked men seen to it to destroy our faith in our system as all of us continue to live an American travesty of justice in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.