Monday, July 20, 2009

Summary of new set of criminal charges to be filed in Austria on Wednesday

By Jane Burgermeister
The defendants listed in the criminal charges, including the Austrian Health Minister, appear to be members of, or facilitating, an international corporate crime syndicate, and the pattern of these member’s activity across a spectrum of organisations strongly suggests the notion they are working in such a way as to sustain and move forward, in interaction with each other, systematically and deliberately, the crime syndicate’s agenda, specifically, of mass murder by means of the use of an artificial virus, deliberately developed and released, and also a toxic vaccine, offered under false misrepresentation as a prophylactic measure, with the intention of profiting financially and politically from the resulting mass murder in an act that violates laws on organised crime, bioterrorism and treason.

The international corporate crime organisation appears to use a number of agents and organisations to accomplish their goals in Austria, including Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary, specifically, for the development of the technical means to produce a deadly virus and toxic vaccines, as well as for the development of the technical means to make these toxic vaccines available in large enough quantities to inject into hundreds millions of people, using 1,200 bioreactor vats and a cell culture technology in Baxter’s production facilities in Bohumil in the Czech Republic that will allow contaminated vaccine material to be produced on a huge scale.
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