Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sofia Smallstorm - 9/11 Mysteries

Producer of the documentray film "9/11 Mysteries", Sofia Smallstorm, joins us for a very interesting program about 9/11, collapse theories, Fluoride & Flourine, Chemtrails, Nanotechnology, GMO, the Global Seedvault and the Artificial Environment that is being built around us.

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9/11 Mysteries

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  1. Stuart Hameroff's approach to quantum consciousness shows us how to build a supercomputer on a microtuble.

    Whether microtubles actually do this natually in the cell isn't the issue today. The issue is that humans know how to make supercomputers that fit inside a cell.

    So, we need to understand this changes the nature of computing.

    I'm responding to something I saw in Max Igan's movie TRANCE-FORMATION

    namely PETER DIAMANDIS' comment about how 'it will happen' - the transformation of humans to transhuman will happen, according to DIAMANDIS. Look at his body language.

    I thought he was a bit arrogant, a little crazy on the subject. But I just realized, ITS GOING ON NOW. Look at his body language and listen to what he says. TRANSHUMANISM IS GOING ON NOW.

    Here's how it works.

    You spray the biosphere with synthetic cells.

    The cells infect whatever they touch.

    They have several modes programmed into them.

    (1) Attach
    (2) Monitor.
    (3) Mimic.
    (4) Destroy.
    (5) Replace
    (6) Replicate
    (7) offspring go to (1)

    A machine cell first attaches to a natural cell. It then monitors that cell's function. It then mimics the cell's function as accurately as possible. When its mimicry achieves a given level of accuracy, the machine cell then destroys the natural cell, replacing it. If the machine cell functions well and the surrounding cells function well, the machine cell then replicates. The daughter machine cells monitor the surrounding cells starting the process again.

    As a result is a slow growing tumor in all organisms that is incorporated into the organism and is indistinguishable from the organism at anything above the cellular level.

    Except now, every single organism on the planet has a common mode of failure - Peter Diamandis can send a signal and turn any organism off if he wants.